AC in Mississippi

I completely forgot to post this great article from 2 weeks ago that features our very own Sunshine!

Clarion-Ledger article

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Air Conditioning Comes to Mississippi
by Amanda Owens

MACON, MS — Mississippi, long believed to be the most backwards state in the nation, has finally joined the bandwagon and become the 50th state to recognize air conditioning as a viable daily resource.

The bill, signed into law by Governor Phil Bryant on March 28, mandates that in all new construction must have air conditioning and all existing habitable structures must be retrofitted with air conditioning by the year 2018.

Mississippi’s humid subtropical climate with long summers and short, mild winters seems not to have affected the residents of the state in the centuries that white, black, and red men have inhabited the area. However, after a study was released in 2012 that clearly correlated population, income and health statistics to indoor climate control in the US, legislators began pushing for a bill that would mandate the amenity statewide. Mississippi ranks 31st in population, and 50th in both income and health ( Proponents of the legilation believe that it will have a marked influence on the prosperity of the state.

Detractors of the bill say that Governor Bryant is just playing to a few of his biggest campaign financiers which include Dinsmore Air Conditioning Services out of Macon, Mississippi. When we tried to reach Dinsmore by phone last week, they were busy installing air conditioning at several local residences including an old farmhouse out toward Deerbrook. Mr. Dinsmore was working fast, putting in vents in the upstairs rooms and running insulated ducts through the attic. Although the HVAC system is only being installed upstairs, there should be a significant “trickle down effect,” well known in the scientific world, which is admissible by the law.

Naoya Wada, owner of Never Without in Atlanta, was astounded by the news, “I never thought the day would come” he told reporters, “I was just getting used to the idea of being excused from going to Mississippi between April and October but it looks like I’ll have a harder time getting out of visiting my girlfriend’s family after all.” His girlfriend, who wished not to be named, was born and raised in Jackson, the state’s capital.

Governor Bryant had a few things to say on the steps of governor’s mansion after signing the bill: “Some people think Obama’s healthcare plan will solve things, but our problem here is that it’s just too hot and we can’t help sitting on our butts all day. This air conditioning bill is gonna change that. People will be motivated to move about and get things done. Brains will be working, I went to college in Georgia and those classrooms were cold as a fridgidaire, they say your brain is sharper when it’s cold. You’ll be astounded what Mississippians can accomplish.”

Based on Governor Bryant’s words and other proponents, one might also hope that the legislation would improve the health of this state especially since it has been steadily making welfare, medicaid, and other federal or state health benefits increasingly difficult to receive despite the dependency of so many Mississippians on these programs. ❆

Amanda Owens reported for this story, she personally wonders if the whole state of Mississippi will lose the “magic” it had for her on a visit there 4 years ago. She admits to being pretty hot at night but thoroughly enjoyed the primitivity of cooling houses with open doors and windows. Granted, it was only April when she visited.

(inspiration for this piece from NW)



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