tearing down fences

Mom wrote a really excellent blog, I mean email, that is a perfect contributor post (the first!) for a rundown of the weekend’s work. More on “getting to know your pickets” to come.

May 26, 2013

We had a great day yesterday at Sunshine. J and J spurred this excellent crew by their own example to work hard. And by 4:30, the pickets were down and sorted into “good” and “no good,” nails pulled out and ready for sanding. I am happy to admit that J was right, and there were a lot more reusable pickets than I thought.


Uncle J provided historical perspective as he reminisced about the 1970’s rebuild of the fence and helped identify the older pickets (original, perhaps?) by their four-sided point. They are some of the ones judged strong and reusable, despite being more weathered.

Uncle D trimmed the front hedge into such good shape that for a moment there we had the heretical thought that we might not NEED the fence. I cringe even as I write that. But we stepped over into the newly sprouted cotton field to get a good view and immediately nixed that notion. Without those pickets marching solidly around it, the house looked adrift on the prairie.

We are considering taking out the hedge and putting a wire fence on the north (orchard) side that will, if we keep the orchard clipped, provide an excellent vista in that direction. Thoughts?

With the full moon last night and sunlight now shimmering over the cotton field and through the pecan trees, birds chirping, that ever present gulf breeze across the porch and the anticipation of friends and family arriving to work and talk and laugh and remember, I am thinking of Cavett who loved this place and the idea that its highest and best use is to bring people together for just such a day as we had yesterday.

And though we didn’t think of it as all our stars aligned to come here this weekend, I wonder if he didn’t have something to do with getting us here for his birthday week.

I started this report to you, L and R, to simply say that we missed your hands among ours, but realize you and many others—Cavett most strongly, are here in spirit.


The sentiments of those missed hands both far away and beyond our reach are always apt when gathering at Sunshine not just on Memorial Day weekend. It’s a gathering place like Mom said, and a place of remembering. Never far from our hearts and memories are the many times others have leant their hands, their opinions, their laughter or temper, and added to the general clamor at Sunshine. I think i speak for most of us when I say that we look forward to every chance we have to make more memories together.



One Response to “tearing down fences”

  1. Linda Says:

    Yep, Sunshine=Memories!

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